In many cases a company may possess part of the solution to a neurological healthcare problem, but lack the knowledge or resources to convert that into a commercially viable product.

For example, many Lighting manufacturers have the capability and desire to make products that address human health needs, but lack the know-how of how to tune those products to improve health, or market them to the healthcare sector. These companies require access to knowledge and specific insights so as to effectively and accurately represent their products to the market, and ensure that they deliver the benefits they are describing.

NeuroSense is able to provide such information on a consulting basis, in the following areas:

  • Function and properties of the human nervous system for specific health states.
  • Creation of customized databases of scientific research reports that support product claims and assertions.
  • Specification of necessary and ancillary requirements of a light source so as to be neurologically and physiologically effective.
  • Parameters of tuning control of light sources so as to convey health benefits.
  • Market analysis, identification and validation of target market opportunities within the healthcare sector.
  • Strategies for driving adoption of healthy lighting within different divisions of the healthcare sector.
  • Biometric assessment tools for validation of light therapy exposures: hardware, software, data analysis, and results assessment.
  • Cost/benefit analysis, ROI, payback time, and reimbursement strategies for installed tuneable lighting systems.
  • Project management of lighting installation effectiveness studies.
  • Preparation and presentation of Human Centric Lighting briefings and workshops on general and specific topics in the field.